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Finally Active – The Federal Chamber and Francisville’s Problems

With the closure of the vote on the Presidency for the Federal Chamber, Francisville’s often-termed “pre-legislature”, Francisville has finally risen from its inactivity again. Well, risen might be a little exaggerated. Popped its head up for a breath of fresh air and a glimpse of what things are like in the world around it, more like. I’m not trying to shift the blame onto anyone here – I’ve been as inactive as other people. And while one of the reasons for my inactivity is their inactivity, I’m sure the same is true of the opposite. Francisville appears to be stuck in a fatal recursive loop of inactivity.

What to do? Well, with Jamie Sutherland’s election to the Presidency of the Federal Chamber, we might actually get this legislature working and get some laws passed before the end of this term, which would be great, seeing as I, for one, would not like to be looked back upon as one of the first Federal Councillors and Members of the Federal Chamber and, simultaneously, one of the least active. I’m currently drafting the regulations of procedure for the chamber, which will involve a 3 day first reading, 6 day second reading, 3 day third reading and 2 day voting, adding up to fourteen days.

This may seem like a lot, but considering the diversity of opinions within Francisville’s government, I believe it is completely appropriate. The first reading will literally involve only reading, allowing the members to prepare any criticisms, suggestions and amendments they would like to bring up in the second reading. The second reading allows for a debate of the bill, as well as the proposing of amendments, which can then either be accepted by the original legislation’s owner, or put to a vote by the President if seconded by at least one other member. In the third reading, the bill may be further debated, but no amendments may be made – this is to avoid confusion over what the final bill is, and allow a debate of this final bill to outline its advantages and disadvantages, giving the members a chance to form an educated opinion on the bill. In the voting, the members will then decide whether to accept or reject the bill. If successful, the bill is passed onto the Federal Community who will decide on whether to pass it into law or not.

Returning to the topic of this article – Francisville’s problems – they will obviously not be fixed with a set of regulations for the procedures of the Federal Chamber. There is no guarantee that, even with these procedures set out, the people who are running this country will suddenly become active – after all, the reasons for inactivity are quite well-founded. James Puchowski and I are in sixth form, Jamie is in the second year of university, and Cameron seems quite busy as well. I think it goes without saying that we chose a very bad time to have elections and try to kickstart the nation. However, since a simple majority suffices for most legislation in Francisville, this term might actually see some laws passed after all.


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